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Echinopsis Subdenudata (Fuzzy Navel) - 4 Inches

Echinopsis Subdenudata (Fuzzy Navel) - 4 Inches

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Echinopsis subdenudata is a globular, almost spineless or with very short cream spines that produces splendid night-blooming, white fragrant flowers up to 22 cm long. It is generally included within (as a synonym of) Echinopsis ancistrophora,
They typically have 8 to 12 ribs, very acute, slightly notched.
Small areoles, cream coloured, transversely elliptical, to 1.5 cm apart.
They are almost spineless or with very short cream or greyish brown spines, often hidden by areolar wool. Central spine one, directed upward, to 2 mm long. Radial spines 3-7, swollen
basally, to 1.5 mm long.
These cacti produce gorgeous, night-blooming flowers borne near the stem tips. They are fragrant, white (or very light pink), narrow funnel-shaped, with long, slightly curved tubes 15-22 cm long. Old plant may have many flowers at a time.
This species blooms from late spring to all summer long, the flowers open on the morning of the first day and remain opened all the night long but last only one day in full beauty, at the second day they start to wither.

LIGHT: Med sun

WATER: Only when Dry

NATIVE: Bolivia

This cactus will ship bare root and will be ready to place directly in a well draining soil mix like our Custom Cactus Mix.

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However, Plants grow differently and each plant may vary slightly in shape, size, growth pattern, etc.
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If temperatures near you are below 45℉ we highly recommend adding a Heat Pack to your order.
If temperatures where you live will be much lower than 20℉ even heat packs may not work. You may consider waiting until things warm up a bit. We know you love your plants just like we do and we wouldn't want any of them to freeze.


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