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Euphorbia Lactea Cristata (Brain Cactus)- 7 Inch Pot

Euphorbia Lactea Cristata (Brain Cactus)- 7 Inch Pot

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Euphorbia Lactea Cristata, also known as the Brain Cactus, is a captivating succulent that is sure to impress with its unique crested form. This variety features intricately undulating fan-shaped branches that form a mesmerizing, snaky ridge or crowded cluster. The plant's striking dark green color is attractively marked with silver-grey zigzag patterns, creating an eye-catching contrast that is sure to add visual interest to any space.

This Brain Cactus is potted in a 7" container, making it an ideal size for a statement piece on a windowsill, desk, or coffee table. The plant is low-maintenance and easy to care for, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts. Whether you're a succulent collector or simply looking to add some greenery to your home or office, the Euphorbia Lactea Cristata is sure to delight and impress.

LIGHT: Bright, indirect light

WATER: It's important not to overwater this succulent as it is sensitive to root rot. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, and make sure not to leave it sitting in standing water. As with most succulents, it's better to underwater than overwater.

NATIVE: Tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa, including India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

This plant will be shipped BARE ROOT. Please pot it up in a very well draining cactus soil mix or pick up a bag of our Custom Cactus Mix.

Photos in the listings unless otherwise specified are representative of the plant that will be sent to you.
However, Plants grow differently and each plant may vary slightly in shape, size, growth pattern, etc.
Of course, if you receive a plant that you are dissatisfied with please reach out to us. We want to make it right!

If temperatures near you are below 45℉ we highly recommend adding a Heat Pack to your order.
If temperatures where you live will be much lower than 20℉ even heat packs may not work. You may considder waiting until things warm up a bit. We know you love your plants just like we do and we wouldn't want any of them to freeze.

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