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Haworthia Cooperi

Haworthia Cooperi

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Haworthia Cooperi is a low growing densely clustered succulent which rosettes are usually withdrawn in the soil. Its short stem is located several centimetres underground, and produces many cylindrical leaves that are just long enough to reach the soil surface, the transparent tips allowing light into the factory below. It is excellent for transmitting light to parts of the leaf that are underground.
It's leaves are up to 20-25(-50) cm long, c. 6mm thick, turgid, multifarious, oblong-lanceolate, half buried in the ground except for the translucent tips, often round and ending abruptly or acuminate with a large pellucid terminal awn to 6 mm long, flat on the face, convex on the back and keeled upwards or with both surfaces convex, pale green, grey-green or bluish-green with dark longitudinal lines becoming reddish with too much sun or not enough water. Margins and keel with pellucid deltoid-cuspidate teeth 2-4 mm long or smooth. The tips of the leaves have transparent epidermis with marks radiating from the awned leaf-tip, and the mesophyll is also transparent because it has no intercellular spaces. Consequently, light enters through the window-like tip and then passes deep into the rest of the under-ground leaf, where cells with chloroplasts are located: photosynthesis actually occurs underground. Because most of each leaf is subterranean, they stay cooler in summer, they are less visible to animals, and the air in the soil is richer in carbon dioxide than is air above ground.
The flowers narrowly elongate, whitish. The flower's Structure, colour and fruits are typical of the genus. Perianth c.2 cm long; segments half as long as the tube.

LIGHT: Med-Low light

WATER: Allow to dry completely before watering

NATIVE: South Africa

Please pot it up in a very well draining cactus soil mix or pick up a bag of our Custom Cactus Mix.

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